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The Top 25 Process

Choosing the Top 25 cigars of 2017 was no easy task. Excellent crops, smart blending and exceedingly high-quality cigars across the board made it difficult to pare down a list and choose the best of the best. But the selection process is a careful one. We do not simply review the year’s cigars and create a list based on arbitrary or sentimental reasons—that would be entirely too easy.

Instead, we choose the highest-scoring cigars of the year and subject them to yet another test by our panel of tasters. They are repurchased at retail, stripped of their identifying bands and blind-tested through multiple rounds of tastings. It’s a tournament where the year’s best go up against each other to once again prove their merit. Those that couldn’t maintain a stellar performance were eliminated. Only the cigars that performed on the highest level, round after round, and at the highest consistency remained.

Cigar photographs by John Curry

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